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Strong leadership and managerial capability is the foundation of your organisation - it is the substance behind every person, project, strategy and moment of change within your business.


You may well have some temporary gaps, but even with a good management team, a fresh, cross-functional perspective can bring great value to your company.

Through eMS, your company can bring in a manager, executive, expert or coordinator as a flexible, part-time resource to provide firsthand knowledge, experience and outside perspective.

Whether you are in a mature industry that is experiencing intense competition and pressure on margins, or a robust startup looking to increase its market share, our focus is on driving evolution by unlocking the growth potential of your business.

our management-as-a-service is


  • Progressive businesses that are open to a modern solution

  • Typically smaller to medium size (SME's)

  • Senior leadership in need of more agility and interim resources

  • Overloaded management or staff in need of change.

how do we


eMS enriches your organisation through technology-driven growth and change. You benefit from specific expertise that was unavailable before and gain access to skills and new ideas, without the cost of a full-time employee.

We work with you to clarify and uncover what's really important to your organisation.  The scope of the services might include:


  • Strategic assessment and planning

  • Performance improvement based around collective responsibilities to reach your objectives.

  • Alleviating the pressure during transition periods


Unlike a part-time employee, using MaaS offers flexibility, such as a fixed number of days or budget changes per month. The engagements are not always contingent on a project and can be short or long term, depending on your needs.

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Contact us to discuss your management-as-a-service needs

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