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Welcome to eurekaMINDSPACE.

Please note that any and all information provided by eurekaMINDSPACE is not intended to take the place of business, personal or medical advice from that which you would otherwise receive from other professionals.

Business and personal matters vary from organisation to organisation and person to person.  Any action whatsoever which is taken based on the contents of this website or any of its related sites, materials, products or information is to be used solely at your own discretion, risk and liability.

While eurekaMINDSPACE has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the information provided on this website is accurate, eurekaMINDSPACE gives no warranty or guarantee that the material, information or publication made accessible is accurate, complete, current, or fit for any use whatsoever, and assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any information.


eurekaMINDSPACE welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Disclaimer.

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