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Taking Notes

what exactly is


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"My job is to awaken possibility in other people...

The possibility lies in making a difference and creating value from a situation - without denying that certain issues exist."

Benjamin Zander

co-author of The Art of Possibility

how do I


If the business is sponsoring the coaching we align on overall objectives of coaching with the sponsor.

Sessions with individual coachees are always confidential.


We start by agreeing on how we want to maximise our collective power in our work together - In alignment with sponsor direction for each individual.  Honesty, openness and a desire to seek insights and build intentions are foundations to gain value from the process.

How your coaching journey unfolds depends on what arises from session to session…moment by moment. In my coaching we explore pathways together and evolve a developmental life plan which enables direction and practical actions.

Coaching is arranged through our coaching portal and is usually conducted online using the Zoom platform or on-site if required.

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