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eurekaMINDSPACE welcomes Melinda Deasey to the team

eurekaMINDSPACE welcomes our newest consultant, Melinda Deasey, to the team.  

Melinda comes to us with a diverse range of skills and experience, from a background in Defence HR and Intelligence, to working with micro-business owners, as well as coaching, training and developing staff in NFP, Government, and the private sector.  

At eurekaMINDSPACE Melinda will be working closely with our Director, Ian Jones, to produce and facilitate increased effectiveness in your organisation.  She specialises in DISC ADVANCEDX® facilitation, team-building, workplace coaching, and communication skills.  

She is a certified coach, a trainer, workshop facilitator, experienced in team building and communication, and enjoys working with teams of all types.  Her passion is for helping teams to develop their communications and inter-team dynamics to become truly high performing.  

Contact us to discuss how Melinda and Ian can partner with your organisation.

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